My Garden in Autumn

Summer provides the foundation for fall. Deadheading and careful pruning extends the bloom of roses, coneflower, monarda, and water lilies into the fall. Joining them are mums, aster, and fall crocus.

As the season progresses, the dogwood and maple leaves turn bright red. Something (sugar maple?) turns brilliant yellow. The miscanthus grass fades to a dry, brittle tan it will hold through the winter until I cut it to the ground in Spring to make room for new growth.

Fall is a time of quiet glory in the garden. Leaves join the flowers in bringing color and interest. The weather is mild and pleasant. There is but one problem:

Lot's of leaves.

I cannot imagine a house without big, mature trees. I like the bursting buds in Spring, the shade in Summer, the color in Autumn, and the interesting shapes through the Winter. The trees provide privacy and seperation in three seasons. I don't much like the work of getting the leaves up each year. Of course, I don't like losing my lawn if I don't get them up. So I do it.

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