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Annapolis weather
Annapolis marine weather
Lee Chesneau
NOAA Chesapeake Marine Forecast
Observed tide Annapolis
Chesapeake Wind Forecast Vectors
Chesapeake Currents
Chesapeake Tides and Currents
Thomas Point Light conditions
Passage weather (lo bndw)
Leonard and Starzinger

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WAMU Radio
Southern Counties Radio

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Auspicious on APRS, AIS, and SPOT
Auspicious on ShipTrak

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Basic STAMP Forum

A Short in the Cord

An Island to Oneself
Marine WiFi
Find Waterfront Bar
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Active Captain
Marina Minute
SailFar.Net Forums
CSBB Forums
SSCA Forums (new)
UK HROA Forums (recent)
Spar Talk
Waterway Guides (new)
Cruising Outpost (new) Forums
BVI Pirate Forum (new)
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Sailnet Forums (new)
Cruisers Log Forums (new)
YBW Forums
Cruisers Forums (new)
Sailing Anarchy
Boat Design Forums
Salty Southeast Cruiser's Net
Explorer Charts Chat
Messing About in Sailboats
Wooden Boats (new)
Swedish News
Capt Karl

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Anything Sailing
Cruising Stuff I'm Into
Cruising World Forums (new)
Renegade Cruisers (new)

Crewing services:
Offshore Passage Opportunities
Find a Crew
The Float Plan
7 Knots

Kettlewell Cruising
Write on the Water
Panbo Sailing Blog
Red Right Returning
gCaptain Blog
Bitter End
Boat Bits
Annapolis Boating Blog
Sailing News for Sailors
Mad Mariner

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NOAA on Google Maps

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Boating & Sailing

Subcategories under Boating & Sailing are: Marine Chandlerys, Electrical Systems, Plumbing & Sanitation, HVAC & Refrigeration, Navigation & Electronics, Communications, Ground Tackle, Galley Gear & Housekeeping, Outfitters, Dinghies & Life-rafts, Weather, Cruising & Logs, Chartering & Logs, Marinas, Seamanship, Techniques, and Builders.

Building RUTU
Glenn Ashmore's Backyard Boat Building
A chronicle of the backyard construction of a 45' composite sheathed cedar strip sailboat and the effort to make it sail fast, make it not look home built, stay motivated and save as much money as possible.
Sail Charbonneau
Blaine and Janet Park's sailing adventures on their '99 IP40
Casual Sailor
Guide for Casual Sailors in the Clear Lake, Houston, Texas area, and liveaboards and lovers of Little Old Motor Yachts everywhere.
Lin & Larry Pardey
Prolific writers and speakers on sailing and cruising.
The Floating Bear
Hobbyist small boat builder.
Bateau OnLine
Boat plans, boat building kits, boat building tutorials.
Boat Plans
Boat plans, boat building kits, boat building tutorials.
Marina Power and Lighting, Inc.
Marina and dock power pedestals, some with water taps.
Carmanah for solar-powered LED marine lights for aids to navigation.
Marina Dock Age Magazine Buyers Guide
Boat dollies to power washers; epoxies to dock boxes--this Buyer's Guide has links to a variety of products and services for marina operation, renovation, expansion, and repair.
Yacht Survey Online
Over 150 articles on buying, owning and maintaining boats, written by an experienced surveyor based on over 5000 boat surveys.
U.S. Sailing Studies
Compilation of research into maritime safety.
Blackstone Laboratories oil analysis
Blackstone Laboratories provides oil analysis for all oils used in gasoline, diesel & aircraft engines, drive train components, as well as industrial machines. Contact for a free sample kit.
Annapolis Boat Shows
In-water sail and power boat shows.
Singles on Sailboats
Nonprofit organization for single adults who share the love of sailing and want to participate in a wide range of sailing related activities including day sails, weekend and extended cruises, sailing education, and social functions at sea and ashore.
Mahina Expeditions
Mahina Expeditions conducts sailing and navigation training expeditions in the South Pacific and trains offshore sailing. This is their advice on selecting a cruising boat.
Ceremony for Renaming Your Boat
A ceremony for renaming your boat without incurring bad luck.

Marine Chandlerys

SailNet is an Internet sailing community. It provides an excellent store, extensive links, mailing lists, and reference articles for sailors.
West Marine
Boating supply source with over 45,000 boating items online. Also West Advisors, news and articles, boating forum, and other features. Chandlery
Online store for owners of sailboats. Boat parts and accessories, apparel, classified ads, and more.
OutfittersParadise Outfitters
Discount boating and fishing equipment
Online Marine Outfitter
Discount boating equipment and supplies
Large South Florida Marine Supply
Bo'sun Supplies Co.
Marine stainless steel hardware, rigging, and fittings.
New Found Metals
Port Windows and Marine Hardware Cast and polished in solid bronze.
Outfitters for boaters. provides marine products for boaters, RVers, outdoorsmen, and the US Government. Over 60,000 products.

Electrical Systems

Jack Rabbit Marine Energy Systems
Products and reference material to achieve marine energy independence. Have all the on-board power you need using any combination of solar power systems, wind power systems, water power systems, or high output alternators. All the equipment to generate electric power for all boats, plus free tech support and free installation advice.
Hotwire Enterprises
KISS wind generators, solar panels, and accessories, including dual-voltage divert loads.
KISS Wind Generator
High-output wind generators.
AMPAIR manufactures wind, water, and solar-powered electricity generation.
Southwest Windpower
Manufacturer of battery charging wind turbines for remote homes, sailboats, recreational vehicles, telecommunications, and hybrid systems offering a complete line of wind turbines for virtually any application.
Earth Solar
Solar and wind energy equipment and supplies.
Combined water & wind generator to produce electricity to on-board equipment.
Computer hardware and battery, solar, and wind power components and systems for alternative power systems.
Red Baron, Fourwinds and Everfair Wind and Water Generators
Alternative energy products including wind and water systems.
Northern Lights Generators
Marine generators and sound enclosures.
Next Generation Power
Marine generators and sound enclosures.
Entec West
Marine generators and sound enclosures, fresh water cooled engine and generator, American-made by a family-owned business. This generator can even be started manually if the batteries are completely discharged.
Marine generators.
Marine generators based on a Stirling engine. Exceptionally quiet if somewhat expensive.
Windbugger Generator
Wind and solar generators and charge controllers.
EAST PENN Manufacturing Co.
Marine batteries.
Next Generation Power
Yanmar and Kubota powered marine generators.
Flagship Marine Security
Boat alarms.
Deep Creek Design
LED-based lighting products for the cruising & live-aboard sailing communities.
Pacer Marine
Marine industry focused wire & cable, panels, harnesses, and battery cables.
12 VDC power regulator.
Electricity on Board
Implementation of electricity on board yachts. Support to modern navigation and communication equipment, as well as the growing list of household appliances taken on board. Concept text for a booklet about electricity on board small and large yachts.

Plumbing and Sanitation

Get Rid of Boat Odors - A Guide To Marine Sanitation Systems and Other Sources of Aggravation and Odor
Peggie Hall's excellent book helps identify and solve odor and water quality problems. She is The Head Mistress!
Marine Sanitation: Fact vs. Folklore
Article by Peggie Hall eventually incorporated in her book.
Raritan Engineering
Marine toilets, waste treatment systems, icemakers and water heaters.
Lavac marine toilets.
Holt Marine Systems
Marine components from Bose, Kenwood, and Polyplanar for stereo and entertainment systems afloat; in the Chesapeake Bay Area, also specialize in equipment installation, major repairs, and refurbishment of electrical, audio, and sanitation systems.
Ronco Plastics
Marine Tankage. A wide range of standard, customizable, and fully custom tanks. Also accessories and battery boxes.
Snake River Electronics
Liquid level monitors designed for Marine and RV manufacturers and aftermarket installers that provide years of service for non-invasive applications.
Distributer for Snake River AcuGage liquid level monitor.
Marine sanitation products, engine room ventilation, searchlights, pumps and pumping accessories. Also Rule pumps and Sudbury environmental cleaning products.
Groco water and sanitation products
Water and sanitation products, pressure systems, pumps, valves & seacocks, strainers, bronce fittings, and fuel filters
Specialized marine sanitation systems and marine & industrial hardware
SHURflo Pumps
Small high performance pumps and fluid handling equipment.
General Ecology
Seagull and other water purification systems
Seacock Removal and Replacement
Removal and replacement instructions for a variety of seacocks.
Installing a Seacock
Information on Installing a Seacock from BoatUS, by Don Casey.
Water-tight Fittings
DIY Boat article on upgrading and installing seacocks.
Seacock Installation Detail
Seacock installation detail.

HVAC & Refrigeration

The Warm Dry Boat: A Handbook for Liveaboards
Ventilation, heating, producing hot water, excluding rain and condensation from the boat.
Webasto Thermosystems
Air and hydronic fuel-fired heating systems.
Webasto U.S. website
Marine heat site for U.S. distributer of Webasto products.
Espar Heater Systems
Air and hydronic fuel-fired heating systems.
Hurricane diesel heaters
Powered and non-powered hydronic fuel-fired heating systems.
Mikuni Heating
Air and hydronic fuel-fired heating systems.
Seacraft Outfitters
Vendor for Espar and Webasto heater systems.
BoatSafe Electric Heater
Electric engine compartment heaters.
Source for small radiators.
Kabola Heating Systems
Dutch-made fuel-fired heating sytems, including fuel-fired "Old English" fireplace."
Dickinson Marine
Fuel-fired heaters and fireplaces, stoves, ovens, cookers, and barbecues
Oil stoves for marine applications.
Barkley's Apple Orchard
Source for Ecofan heat-powered fans for wood and diesel stoves.
Frigoboat Refrigeration
Air, water, and keel-cooled refrigeration systems.
Frigoboat: Refrigeration 101
Basic tutorial (one page) on how refrigeration works.
Isotherm refrigerators combine technological innovation with sophisticated, yet practical design. Marine refrigerators operate under tough conditions: they must withstand violent movement, operate noiselessly, be thoroughly reliable - and perhaps most important of all - consume an absolute minimum of battery power. Isotherm designs and builds high-quality and energy-efficient marine refrigeration systems exlusively for sailing yachts and motor cruisers.
KollmannMarine Boat Refrigeration
Custom air and water-cooled, electric and engine-driven marine refrigeration.
On-line source for refrigeration and air conditioning parts and systems. Specialize in battery, solar and DC powered refrigeration and air conditioning for marine, RV and solar applications.
Flagship Marine Air Conditioning Systems
Marine air-conditioning systems and accessories, including keel-coolers.
Arctic Marine Air
Package and custom marine air conditioning units.

Navigation & Electronics

Snake River Electronics
Liquid level monitors designed for Marine and RV manufacturers and aftermarket installers that provide years of service for non-invasive applications.
Distributer for Snake River AcuGage liquid level monitor.
Yandina Marine Electronics
Manufacturor and seller of a line of electronic marine equipment. Online catalog, Service & Installation Manuals, helpful hints, do it yourself marine projects.
Blue Sea Systems
Battery boxes, circuit breakers, connectors, fuse blocks/fuses, insulators, meters, electrical distribution panels and accessories, battery switches, labels, and controls.
NIMA Publications - Bowditch
The American Practical Navigator available online.
NIMA - Frequently Asked Questions
FAQs for National Imagery and Mapping Agency.
Office of Coast Survey - United States Electronic Coast Pilot
Downloadable Coast Pilots for U.S. coast lines.
Office of Coast Survey - Electronic Navigational Charts, Resources
Electronic Navigational Charts project with links to charts and viewers.
OpenECDIS Forum: Free- and Shareware
Forum for electronic charts and viewers.
Maritime Safety Information Division
Notices to Mariners
Glen Wilson's Nautical Software
Inter-device NMEA data transfer software and information display.
GpsDrive on Linux
Overlay GPS information on maps and charts using Linux tools.
LED Lights
LED-based lighting products and a growing variety of selected products and services for the cruising and live-aboard sailing community.
B & G Instruments
Brookes and Gatehouse instruments.
Manufacturer of marine electronics including autopilots, navigation, sonar, and communications.
Tide Region Selection
U.S. tide information, apparently derived from x-tides.
Landfall Navigation
Paper and electronic charts and chart kits.
Fitting and bonding sacrificial anodes.
Marine sextants, navigation computers, compasses, books, videos and software for traditional navigation. Also included are plotting tools, weather stations, binoculars, radios and GPS receivers to enhance navigation capabilities. Astronomy and historical literaturer.


Equipped to Survive Foundation
Information on survival equipment & supplies, outdoors & camping gear & survival techniques and skills - aviation, marine, wilderness, water, & urban survival information.
Connect Globally mobile communications
Source for mobile computing needs. Everything from cellular modems kits international modem and electrical adapters. Notebook Batteries Laptop AC Adapters Laptop Carrying Cases GPS Receivers USB Products and much more.
Mobile satellite communications systems for Inmarsat, DirecTV, Dish Network and DirecPC, tactical navigation solutions for the military, and low cost, high accuracy fiber optic products.
Central resource for information about transmission of faxes over HF radio.
USCG Nav Center Maritime Telecommunications
Detailed information on use of VHF and HF marine communications.
The Seafarers' Amateur Net
Amateur traffic net
Caribbean Maritime Mobile Net
Amateur radio net for communications with and for cruising yachts in the Caribbean, Southwest North Atlantic, and Gulf of Mexico.
Maritime Mobile Service Network
Serving Maritime Mobiles and Military Deployed.
BBC World Service
Radio frequencies for the Americas
Ham Maritime Mobile Nets
Listing of amateur and marine SSB nets
Waterway Radio and Cruising Club - Ham Radio on Boats
Aid to amateurs on boats with communications, weather information, float plans, position reports and other information that might help to make boating activities safer and more enjoyable. - Marine SSB
Listing of amateur and marine SSB nets
VHF Marine Channel Frequencies
Listing of frequencies for marine VHF channels
Ground Shoes
Provide a noise-free RF ground.
HF Radio On Board
Specialists in High-Seas Communications
Dockside Radio
Pactor-II/III Radio Modem sales/support for Sailmail & Winlink e-mail networks. Simple one-page FCC marine license application form. Downloadable Cruising Nets & shortwave radio broadcasting schedules. Radio-related technical support for the cruising sailor.
Specialized Communications Systems
The creators of Pactor.
Multi-purpose fax, RTTY, SYNOP, Navtex, and SSTV program for Windows.

Ground Tackle

Lighthouse Windlasses
Anchor windlasses for rope and chain.
Lewmar Windlasses
Anchor windlasses for rope and chain.
Source for anchor chain.
Honnetaler Chain USA
Chain and accessory products.
Safety Sling Co.
Order anchor chain online.

Galley Gear & Housekeeping

Dickinson Marine
Fuel-fired heaters and fireplaces, stoves, ovens, cookers, and barbecues
Magma BBQ
Marine barbecues
NALGENE Outdoor Containers
Food, drink, and fuel bottles, jars, and containers.
Tilia: FoodSaver - The Original Home Vacuum Packaging System
Original FoodSaver Vacuum Packaging Systems for home use. Includes product information, online shopping, retailer locations, customer service and technical support.
A manual, somewhat greater vacuum version of the vacuum packaging system.
Pressure Magic pressure cookers
Pressure cookers and accessories.
Vesta dishwasher
Small dishwasher.
Origo Compact Dishwasher
Small dishwasher.
Integrated washer/dryer, offering Laundry Centers that wash and dry in one machine. Personal laundry convenience in yacht, rv, condo, apartment or wherever space is a premium.
Quality Custom Linens
Custom tailored lines, blankets, comforters, and sheets.
Handcraft Mattress Company
Custom mattresses.
HyperVent Marine Product Information
Under-mattress ventilation to reduce condensation, mold, and mildew.
Bedding Solutions
Under-mattress ventilation to reduce condensation, mold, and mildew.
Lehman Wringer Washer
Hand wringer for laundry.
Hand wringer for laundry.
Dinnerware and cookware. Web site uses broken code and only works in IE
Boat Electric Marine Vacuums
Built-in vacuum systems


Breeze Booster
Breeze catching device for hatches and portlights to improve ventilation
Tides Marine hardware
Strong Products brand items include high performance, low friction mainsail luff track and slide system.
Garhauer Marine hardware
Stainless steel blocks, cars, racks, stanchion parts, and boarding ladders.
Kato Marine metalwork
Manufacturer of dinghy davits in stainless steel and aluminum, outboard lifts, radar mounts and custom fabrications for the boating world.
Weaver Industries
Davits for inflatables and hard dinghies.
Oceanair Blinds & Screens
Port and hatch blinds, shades, and screens.
Shadetree Awnings
Boat awning systems for protection from sun and rain.
Cruising Concepts
Teak accessories including door, tables, and grates.
Wood Classics
Teak furniture
Thai Teak Marine
Thai teak yacht fittings, marine woodwork, teakwood chandlery and boating accessories crafted in Thailand.
Vacuum insulation panels useful for marine refrigeration and icebox containers.
Zvise Home
Portable, flexible vice.
Orion Safety Products - Marine Safety Products
Selection of Safety and Distress Signals, First Aid kits, Accessories, Safety Guides and Federal Regulations; aerial flares, handheld flares, SOLAS Approved products, first aid kits, non-pyrotechnic, replacements & accessories, commercial first aid kits, and lightsticks.
Tempcleat temporary cleats
Stainless steel temporary dock cleats.
Taylor Made Products 2003 Catalog
Marine products including fenders, bumpers, dock products, flags & poles, and accessories.
FloScan flow meters
Fuel flow monitoring instruments and systems.
Liquid Caddy
Gimbaled adjustable beverage holder.
Gulf Coast Filters, Inc.
Fuel polishing article, guidance, and products.
Bluewater Books and Charts
Over 35,000 nautical books and charts; cruising guides and electronic charts.
Monitor Windvane - Scanmar International
Self-steering products and discussion on autopilots and vane gears.
Hydrovane Self Steering for Sailboats, described as easy to install, easy to operate, and easy to maintain."
Penn Fishing Tackle
Manufacturer site for fishing rods, reels, and accessories.
U.N. Food and Agricultural Organization article on handlining and squid jigging.
ALLTACKLE.COM fishing supply
Fishing tackle for saltwater, freshwater and bassfishing.
Welcome to Budget Boats
Large seller of used boats and engines.
Dutchman sail flaking system
Vertical sail control lines laced through fairleads in a sail to quickly flake it.
Windshield wiper, boat crane, and filtration systems.
Banana Fish Products
Ward off a bad day fishing with BananaFish shirts and flags!
Follow Me TV
Satellite TV pedestal (azimuth only).
Boot Key Harbor boat links
Link list
Link list
Solenoid operated valves
Surplus Center
Source for agricultural and industrial machine equipment parts at low prices; selection of over 8,000 parts including hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic motors, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic powerpacks, hydraulic valves, electric motors, linear actuators, gearboxes, gear reducers, engines, air compressors, winches, batteries, and more.
Sunbrella fabric, vinyl, hardware, and tools online.
High performance fabric for marine and outdoor applications. Site includes care and cleaning guidance in addition to fabric color selection.
Moving foot sewing machines for sails and other marine fabric, plus fabric and kits for awnings, covers, dodgers & biminis, and flags.
Nancy's Notions
Sewing and quilting supplies, including sewing maching feet suitable for sail material.
Splash Stop
Fuel overflow preventer
Alpenglow Marine Lights
Lighting fixtures for area and task lighting with red/white elements and selectable brightness.
Lippincott Canvas
Canvas covers and hard dodgers.
King Starboard
Marine grade polymer sheet, environmentally stabilized to resist harsh sun and sea conditions, including ultraviolet light.
Village Marine
Range of reverse osmosis watermakers.
Spectra Watermachines
The Spectra energy efficient marine watermakers.
Ace Sailmakers
Jordan series drogue kits and complete.
Series Drogue Australia
Jordan series drogue kits and complete.
Boye Cobalt Boat Knives
Rated #1 boat knife by Practical Sailor.
Deployable gangways for boats.
Ladders, anchor rollers, deck & anchoring accessories, and fender holders.

Dinghies & Life-rafts

Sail, row, or motor high-freeboard dinghies. I have one.
Dyer Dhow
Classic sail/row/motor dinghy
Folding boats
Sailing inflatables and folding RIBs.
Caribe inflatables and RIBs.
Caribe Nautica (Caribbean)
Caribe inflatables and RIBs.
Avon inflatables and RIBs.
Dahon Bikes
Okay, not a dinghy, but the land version of dinghy transportation: never quite big enough and can be wet.


Carib WX
Caribbean Weather Information
Weather Underground
Weather conditions and forecasts for 60,000 U.S. and international cities.
National Weather Service Tropical Prediction Center National Hurricane Center.
Mariner's Hurricane Guide
Mariner's Guide For Hurricane Awareness In The North Atlantic Basin.

Cruising & Logs

Home schooling discussion group for liveaboards"
A discussion group hosted by daisy girl to talk about raising and educating children who live with their families on boats.
Advice for prospective "live aboard'rs"
The title says it all, from a fellow in the PNW.
Southbound Cruisers Reunion
Reunion and staging of cruisers heading south for the winter.
Latitudes & Attitudes Cruiser's Forum
Bulletin board for discussions; registration required.
UK Sailing and Cruising Directory
A guide to UK sailing in cruising yachts, sea schools, training, chartering and sailing holidays.
Cruiser Log
Sailing, yachting, boating, and ocean cruising information in dictionary and FAQ format for yachts around the world. Yacht Position Reports, Cruising Narratives and Voyage Logs, Sail Chat, Maritime Radio Net Frequencies, Free Crewfinder, Cruising FAQ's, Sailing News, Discussion Boards and Forum, Boating Books & E-books, Sailing, and Cruising links.
Abaco Bahamas Cruising Information
Abaco Bahamas information for cruising boats. Deep-draft routes into Abaco and M/V GAMBIER's waypoints.
Intercoastal Waterway Cruising
Intracoastal Waterway cruising information and charts.
Guide to NC's Outer Banks
Guide to North Carolina's Outer Banks offering practical information from accomodations to history.
Manteo & Roanoke Sound, NC ICW-NET
Cruising Guide to Coastal North Carolina: Manteo / Roanoke Island.
Guide to Sailing and Cruising Stories
Sailing and cruising stories and webpages, sailing around the world, used sailboats for sale, sailing magazine, and yacht ocean voyages.
The Cruising Dream
Living the Cruising Dream: locations, sea stories, and faqs.
Community for navigation and cruising under sail.
Bermuda Trouble
Single-handed travels from Florida to Bermuda.
Baba BarAnn Log Around the Pacific
A Seattle couple sail their 40' cutter on a 15,000 mile two-year adventure to New Zealand and back.
Bill Dietrich on Magnolia
Preparation for and life aboard in early retirement; most recent log
Sleeping with Oars
Robert Doty on Candide, a Han Christian 38 Traditional.
Tom Dove Guide to the ICW
Sailing Adventures Log
Cruising adventures around the Atlantic, Mediterranean, and Caribbean with online video, photos, and frequent newsletters.
Ventana's Voyage Log
A couple cruise the world.
Ventana Boat Modifications
Modifications to Ventana for world cruising.
Yacht Naomi J. Logs
Over ten years living aboard and cruising Sweden and Norway. Includes thoughts on staying warm, dry, and cozy when the winter storms are howling through the rigging.
Boat Recipes
Sail Miami
Sea Sickness
Provisions leaving Mexico
Seven Seas Cruising Association Home Page
Island Hopping Cruising News
Living Aboard -- Our First Winter Aboard (
Yacht-L Log
Guide to Sailing and Cruising Stories - Offshore and Coastal Cruising Sailboats
Food safety
Fish ID - Marine Life Books for Scuba Diving
Panama Canal
Official Tariffs published by the Panama Canal Authority.
Heidi's Happenings
A small place to document the strange things that go on in Heidi's world.

Chartering & Logs

Island Packet Yachts USVI Charter Vacations
U.S. Virgin Islands National Park (NPS) - Maps

The Moorings Charters
Road Town Restaurants
Captain FGB BVI Information Links
Restaurants in the BVI Listed by Island or Area
BVI Restaurant and Food Guide
Trellis Bay & Marina Cay British Virgin Islands
Islands Online
Caribbean-On-Line: The British Virgin Islands: Maps
Ample Hamper Provisioning
Bobby's Market Place
Smith's Ferry Services, Ltd. - British Virgin Islands
BVI Dive Operators Association
Last Stop Sports BVI rentals

Parrot Cove Boat Rentals Smith Mountain Lake VA
Jack and Chrissi's Excellent Adventures


Hoffmaster's Marina, VA
Family-owned and operated business on the Occoquan River off the Potomac River about 30 nm downriver from Washington, D.C.
Home of Auspicious.
Magothy Marina, MD
Condominium and rental marina on Magothy River in Severna Park near Annapolis. Allows liveaboards.
Smith's Marina, MD
Small, full-service yard on the Severn River in Crownsville near Annapolis.
Local Marinas
Washington D.C. (ish) area marinas
Royal BVI Yacht Club
Official yacht club in Road Town, Tortola, BVI.


The Maryland School of Sailing & Seamanship
Boating Basics - Marine Pollution Definitions
Bill Dietrich's Hurricane Preparation
Links to a number of commentaries on preparing for hurricanes.
Marine Survey Online
Lessons learned from recent hurricanes.
BoatU.S. Hurricane Center
Hurricane resource center: tracking, forecasts, supplies, etc.
National Data Buoy Center
Direct access to wind and wave measurements from weather data bouys.


Repair of lexan in deck hatches
DIY boat owner The Marine Maintenance Magazine
Quarterly technical reference magazine for owners of powerboats and sailboats that shows you how to perform routine maintenance, install accessories, troubleshoot engines and electronics, and more.
Merchant Mariner Licensing
USCG Merchant Mariner Licensing and Documentation.
Real Knots
Diagrams of many knots.


Island Packet Yachts
Well-found cruising sailboats.
Gratitude Yachting Center
Full-service yachting center offering new Island Packet and Moody yachts, Nauticat motorsailors, yacht brokerage, previously-owned yachts, sailing school, Chesapeake Bay charters in Rock Hall, MD on the eastern shore.
IP Layouts
Arrangements for all (as of September 2003) Island Packets.
IP Photos
Pictures associated with projects, upgrades, improvements, and overhauls of Island Packets.
Waterline Yachts
Custom and semi-custom steel yachts.
Pacific Seacraft Yachts
Bavaria Yachts
Cabo Rico Yachts
Tayana Yachts
Hallberg Rassy Yachts
Hallberg-Rassy: world-famous sail yachts built in Sweden.
Free State Yachts
Maryland dealer for Hallberg Rassy.
Hallberg-Rassy Owners of America
Web presence for HROA, including schedule of events, newsletter, and membership information.
Moody Yachts
Cape Horn Trawlers
Tartan Yachts
Catalina Yachts
Gozzard Yachts


Odessa Office Equipment WirelessDSL
Broadband Wireless ISPs
War Driving
Linux & Wireless LANs
Hyperlink Technologies, Inc.
Using a Unix computer as a 802.11 wireless base station
AirPort Base Station Configurator

Radio & Electronics

LCD Panels
Elo TouchSystems
MSC-338 Single Board Computer
Soekris Engineering Website
Parallax - the Stamp
555 Timer IC Tutorial
"The number you have dialed ..."
Portable Nintendo Entertainment System
The LinuxCar - DashPC
PC Weasel 2000 : Intro
Stepper motor control
Case Outlet
Travia mini-systems
Overclockers Club
PC/TV dual-purpose display
17" display SXGA hi-res LCD w/ integrated audio and available TV tuner.
Very small computers, including 12 VDC operated boxes.
KN4LF Propagation Outlook
Daily HF/MF radio propagation outlook.
CNet Reviews
Comparative reviews of electronics.


802.11b Local Network
Soekris Engineering
WAP on Linux
802.11b PCI adapter
WiFi on Linux
Daily Wireless
Capital Area Wireless Network
POP3 Commands
Qpopper POP3 Server
xine - A Free Video Player
Guide to Regular Expressions
Linux Standard Base
Linux From Scratch
Firewall Configuration
X/OS: Linux IP firewall and accounting
IPTables - Firewall Center
CERT Security Improvement Modules
Linux Printing
CVS: Client-Server Version Control LG #66
CVS Administration
Using CVS for Web Development (
CVS Version Control for Web Development - Sean Dreilinger
CVS - Technology - Cross Communication
CVSup Home Page
SNMP support for Perl 5
Product Installation Scheme on Linux
Think Unix
Unix Guru Universe
Recycling an Old Computer as an Internet Gateway and Firewall
Misc Linux & Internet Access
Linux drivers for Philips USB webcams - with Netatalk
O'Reilly Network: Network Scanning
HACKER WHACKER Remote Computer Network Security Scan
Discussion of cracking
Open Sources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution
GpsDrive on Linux
Linux Commands
Creating commands and programs using the shell
NewsForge: Anti-Virus on Linux
Linux on Dell Laptops
Internet and E-Mail on a dialup using linux
Bill's Linux Qmail Toaster

Web Design & Development

Credit Card Processing Guide - Community Software
HTML E-Mail Text Font Readability Study
CGI and Perl Tutorial -
Exploring CGI with Perl
Apple Internet Developer
Web Developer's Virtual Library
GIFBot - compress GIFs
Online Graphics Generator
The Web Angel - Web Site Designer - if you don't use me, call Kelli!
Brunelli Web Design
CamWorld Content Management Systems - Browser Archive discussion forum
Web Page Syndication
The HTML Writers Guild
Morphon Technologies CSS Editor
MailForm CGI
Matt's Script Archive
Not Matt's Scripts
Books and essays by Simon St. Laurent
Usability on the Web)
Solving Web Design and Usability Problems.
Alertbox: Jakob Nielsen's Column on Web Usability
Browser Compatibility Tutorial
Lincoln Stein's Home Page
RGB to Color Name Mapping(Triplet and Hex)
Official Guide to Programming with - a Perl5 CGI Library
CGI Programming MetaFAQ
Web Authoring FAQ (WDG)
Web Redesign | Workflow that Works
Macromedia - Web Site Production Management Techniques
Friendly 404 Errors - WebReference Update - 011004
Web Developer's Journal
Web Site Design and Layout
Guide to Cascading Style Sheets
Search Engine Watch: Tips About Internet Search Engines & Search Engine Submission
Planet Ocean - Search Engine News
Arachnophilia HTML Editor
Thau's JavaScript Tutorial
PricelessGraphics: Windows Graphics Freeware
Scripts for site management
Tutorial: Login on the Web
GIMP script for Red-eye Removal
Interactive Advertising Bureau
Comprehensive guide to .htaccess- Preventing hot linking of images
Stolen bandwidth again <grrr> - FutureQuest Community Forums
A List Apart: For People Who Make Websites
Build your own Database Driven Website using PHP & MySQL
West Bay Web Developers
mysql Documentation table of contents
JavaScript & Frames
Bobby WorldWide
`lorem ipsum dolor'
AbleDesign - Web Design that Can! - Tutorials
Skinning a website / creating website themes
Stein: user_manage.cgi Manual
Blog tips, tricks, and things to do
Fluid Dynamics Software: Perl CGI Scripts
Index DOT Html: THE Advanced HTML Reference
Greg Morse Editorial Freelance Editor
Survey Monkey
W3C Checklink
Check links on a designated web page to identify broken links.

Software Development

An Introduction to Vi
Guide to Regular Expressions
TPJ Magazine
Using Perl to Read Mail
developerWorks: IBM developer resources
Extreme Programming: A Gentle Introduction.
CD/DVD Supplies & Services
GpsDrive on Linux
Getting Started with Java
Java Documentation & Training
The Java Tutorial
Java Exceptional Learning Experiences
Software Bugs - Software Glitches
Using X11
Joel on Software
Getting Started with CMMI
Prepare yourself for CMMI-based process improvement.


Professional Cutlery Direct
Cookware, cutlery, and kitchen items.


Debbie Schilling and Tom Bundy's Web Site
Nice site about one woman's gardening interests.
Using Soil Blocks
Very cool tool for starting seeds.
White Flower Farm
My favorite mail-order garden resource.


Matthews Fan Company
Carpenter Ants reference
Northern Tool - Patio Base - Lawn care and landscape forums for landscaping professionals
Compound Miter Settings
Best practices: Roof flashing details
Wright Mowers/
Barkley's Apple Orchard
Source for Ecofan heat-powered fans for wood and diesel stoves.
Description of how the Ecofan works.


DC Traffic Cameras
Traffic Cameras in Washington, D.C. and immediately adjacent Northern Virginia.

Real Estate

First Dominion Mortgage Corp
House Plans
Hollin Farms
Virginia County Select

Snow Plowing & Trucks

Google Search plowing snow
Major Police Supply / Major Fire Supply / Utility Vehicle Supply
Emergency equipment specialists for police, fire, and utility vehicle applications: strobes, warning lights, partitions, controls, parts, and information.
Snow Plow edges
On Board Air
On-board air for Ford truck
Turn Signal Cornering Light
LawnSite: Commercial Lawn & Landscaping Discussions
Cody Mercantile Vehicle Accssories
American Van
Strobes n' More from Strobeguy
Truck N Tow
Pioneer Cover-all Leading By Design!
Emergency Vehicle Parts & Products Inc. Selling Strobe Lights

Project Management

Project Management Institute
George Mason University Office of Continuing Professional Education Project Management.

Business & Finance

MBNA Net Access
Manage MBNA accounts online.
ISO 9000 2000 Introduction
Introduction to ISO 9000 quality management standards.
Documentum eRoom is a collaborative environment that enables people to work closely toward common goals, deliverables, and outcomes.
DOD EVM Homepage
Information on earned value project management for government, industry, and academic users.
MS Project and Earned Value
Some shortfalls of using MS Project for earned value calculations.
Woody's Project Watch
E-zine on Project
Best practices knowledge base for CSC.
CSC and IBM deliver combined process framework.
Publishers of TRAKKER, a decision support tool suite supporting activity-based costing, earned value, budgeting, tracking, and performance measurement.
Zip Code Distance Calculator
1999 ZIP Codes
Attorney Locater
Morrison & Foerster LLP
7 On Your Side
Crossing the Chasm
PricewaterhouseCoopers´ Portal
Harris GCSD
Zeta Associates Incorporated
CSC Advanced Marine Center
nee' Advanced Marine Enterprises



Brandenburg Formula

Privacy & Freedom of Information

Anti-SPAM coalition
List of Statutory Citations of state FoI Laws

Minor Computer Issues

Cox Newsfeeds
Turn off X10 Pop-under Advertising
Oversize PST Files
Sample Custom Number Formats for Excel
Output from MS Excel Web Page Wizard for Custom Number Formats.

The Arts

Local Band Pages
Radio Station Guide photography
Robert Cummings Photographer
Artists & Associates Wedding Photography
ez prints
Geniune photo finish on archival paper at 29¢ per print.
XP Photo
Photographic finish on regular paper at 17¢ per print.


Sure-Fire Tactical Shotgun Lights
Firearms Tactical Institute
DSM Law Enforcement Products


International School of Protocol
MIT OpenCourseWare | Home
Washington-Lee High School Graduate List
Kagyu Thubten Choling


Kenny Translator
Ominosity Quotient
Motorcycle Tour Co. of Virginia
The Weather Pixie
Club wine list (passwd)


Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)


Resole America
Old fashioned cobbler that uses new tech to get shoes back to you.

Odd Links

Sea Box, Inc. - ISO Containers main page
Area Determination Module
General Information on Reliability Engineering
Standards MIL-STD's Configuration Management
Smilies Legend

Fun & Games

MP3 digital audio computer.

General Reference

ODP - Open Directory Project
U.S. Gazetteer
Census 2000 Gazetteer Files
Worldwide Lexicon - multi-lingual dictionary
Code of Federal Regulations
Requests For Comments
Coping with Metadata Issues

Search Engines & Link Lists

The current leader among search engines.
An interactive tutorial (120 pages!) on searching with Google.
Teoma uses a modification of the Google approach (I think) to rank based on the relative authority of the sites linking to any given site. Very helpful alternative to Google.
Wayback Machine
The Internet Archive is building a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. Like a paper library, we provide free access to researchers, historians, scholars, and the general public.
Netscape Search
Alta Vista
Ask Jeeves
Overture (GoTo)
Northern Light

Netscape Business & Finance
Netscape Computing & Internet
Netscape Education & Research
Netscape Entertainment & Lifestyles
Netscape Music & Video
Netscape News & Sports
Netscape Services
Netscape Shopping & Auctions
Netscape Travel & Leisure
Netscape Browser Central

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