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Snow removal for the new millennium!

Snow plow picture Get your driveway plowed for the most reasonable price in town. It doesn't snow often in the Washington area. When it does, you want to roll over and go back to sleep.

Sounds pretty good, but that isn't what I do when it snows. In a gross demonstration of what happens when you allow a man to live without any adult supervision, I replaced my small pickup truck with a full-size, F250SD truck and bought a snow plow. Don't even bother trying to understand the rationale. There wasn't any. I wanted it.

Now I look forward to snow so I can hook up the plow and clear my driveway. And the neighbor's driveways. And the mile of road out to the highway. Dig out friends near home in Fairfax and in Sterling, Front Royal, South Riding, and Arlington. My popularity surges!

How would you like to wake up to a clear driveway?

Never one to take half measures, the digital plow offers fully insured plowing services, including one million dollars of commercial general liability insurance. All plowing services are provided under terms and conditions based on the model contract of the Snow and Ice Management Association, of which the digital plow is a proud member.

Do you want to be able to roll over and go back to sleep? See our Services or write for more information!

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