Voyage to Paradise

Summer 2003

Looking from the beach at White Bay past our boat toward St. John


Stunning beauty, relaxed sailing, and endless activities surround you in the British Virgin Islands. Trade winds carry you to whatever you're looking for. Crystal-clear waters, boulder-formed caves, and picture-perfect beaches combine with oceanfront restaurants to provide sailors with a colorful wealth of welcomes. You can come too!

Sailing The Way You Like It

Easy deep-water island-hops, consistent breezes, line-of-sight navigation in protected waters and numerous anchorages for evenings in deserted bays or ashore make this the ideal island paradise for less experienced sailors or those who simply want a more relaxed vacation. And you can island hop throughout the BVI without the hassles of customs clearance.

With a cruising area 32 miles long (48 km) and half that in width, the BVI is home to an infinite variety of vacations. Clear waters invite you to glide along a rainbow of coral and fish as you explore the world beneath the surface. Ashore, you'll enjoy the colorful company of waterfront resorts, restaurants, lively nightlife and shopping.

Map of the British Virgin Islands

Image used by permission from BVI Welcome On-line
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Snorkel the caves at Treasure Point on Norman Island, believed to have been the inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island. Dive or snorkel the wreck of The Rhone at Salt Island. And no trip is complete without a visit to The Baths at Virgin Gorda, nature's Stonehenge by the sea. Spend a day (or two!) amid the glorious views of Marina Cay. Sail to Cane Garden Bay, anchor, then navigate the island's rum distillery. Then sail on to Jost Van Dyke, home to only 180. But all sailors--new and old--are certain to enjoy the spirited soul of every BVI adventure - the legendary Sir Francis Drake Channel.

Navigation menus are at the top and bottom of every sailing page. Click on the menu items for information about the planned itinerary, meal (and drinking) plan, information on life aboard, budget information, and crew list. Links to more information about sailing in the BVI will be provided before we leave.

See more pictures from our August 2002 sail on a smaller Moorings 3800. We spent more time having fun than taking pictures!

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