provides an array of business and program management services to government and industry. We provide business process analysis, cost estimation and modeling, program management consulting, and web engineering. provides design, development, and maintenance of web sites for small to medium-sized businesses and for individuals and groups. We can provide web-hosting (including e-mail) and domain registration for a completely turn-key experience or support you with your existing in-house, co-located, or community-hosted infrastructure.

Left in a lurch with your existing web site? provides forensic services for existing sites. will get you back on-line, up-to-date, and in control.

All files and work product are provided to you on CD-ROM. You paid for them. They should belong to you! will deliver the site that meets your needs, from simple, static web pages to database-driven, dynamic content with shopping carts and full e-commerce support.

Your customers want your web site to load quickly, show them what you have to offer, and let your content shine through. will help you succeed by providing what your customers need.

What might you need?

  • Static pages, like this one, are a good way to provide information to your customers that does not change often. You can include text and images, including some basic animation. When you write the text and obtain the images, the cost of making a static page is very low.
  • Dynamic pages draw information from a database in reponse to user input. Large on-line stores with personalization or search capabilities (like and E-Bay and news outlets like The Washington Post and CNN use dynamic pages. For stores with more than a few products and for sites with frequently changing information, dynamic pages make sense, and can be much less expensive to maintain, even for medium-sized sites.
  • Scripting, CGI, and server-side programming are all names for groups of instructions that tell the web-server what to do in response to particular input or events. Scripting provides the ability to build dynamic pages from information in a database, send e-mail, and interact with other sites and services.
  • Animation, using tools like Macromedia Flash, and video, using RealPlayer or Windows Media Player, can help communicate information that only motion can give. Frankly this is an expensive solution--in development cost, hosting cost, and download time to your users--that should only be implemented when there is no other effective way to get your message across.

Contact us for a custom quote or our fee schedule. will manage all your domain name, hosting, and e-mail needs for you. Unless you wish to make your own selections, we will use VeriSign (who, as Network Solutions, started domain name registration) for domain names, FutureQuest for hosting, mailing lists, and e-mail accounts, and Kagi for e-commerce support.

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