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Updated the links page, merging the previous lists and the current bookmarks in Navigator and IE on Windows and Mozilla on Linux. First order organization and categorization.


Finished implementing the style sheet across the board (at home.skolnick.org as well as here). Also applied a script to all the pages to do headers and footers with the mild variation I wanted across the sites. Wedding pages are back up (the redesign broke them) for nostalgia purposes.


Revamped the style sheet (it was previously my initial attempt with style sheets from Blogger and Movable Type pasted onto the end) to make the layout more consistent. Also added a Google "Top News" link box to the front page and the links page.


Lot's and lot's of things are new since August, 2000, including a large number of updates that didn't make it into this "What's New" page. Among those things are a deamon at home that keeps the link to my home machine up to date even if the IP address changes, new sections for web development and snow plowing, a file repository system for customers, expanded garden material, and a web log.


Updated Garden Today and Grandiose Plans; added a link on the index page to home web server. This may break if Roadrunner cycles my IP address.


After a very, very long silence I overhauled the whole site. Frames are gone, so I have a model for other sites that allows bookmarking internal pages. "Last updated" text is generated automatically. Resume and garden pages have been updated. ISP supports CGI, so some dynamic pages will show up soon.


Minor text updates across the board. Not apparent yet, but I did pick up four rolls of photos (going back almost a year). Soon I will get them scanned in and will probably redesign the whole site. I have seen some really cool personal sites. Mine looks a little cheezy, but what do you expect from an engineer? I have also started domain registration. Heck, if one portends to be a geek, why not go all the way? Also dropped the link to my Capstone pages in deference to the 'work in progress' nature of the material.


Geez! I completely fell off the air. I have been evaluating ftp clients, and uninstalled one too many, losing all the paths to my site. Of course my ISP was in the process of being acquired, so contact numbers were not clear. Anyway, I seem to back on line (except I deleted Navigator and can't find the CD to reinstall). Oh yeah, I am buying a kick-butt new computer. Minor updates to text on the Garden page and What's New.


Three whole days since I made a change! Remapped the whole site, standardized navigation with index on each page (at bottom for non-frame users) and on navigation bar. Minor text changes.


Took down the Keller page to work on some more advanced pieces. Set up work-around on bookmark page to avoid frame problem.


Minor tweaks to text. Added Keller TM-583 page.


Added frame support with simple navigation bar on the left side. Added what's new page. Used tables in table approach to generate margin on resume. Added more internal links between pages (moot with frame support, but want to keep non-frame browsers from getting lost).


Incorporated bookmark list into page linked to 'My Links.'


Replaced original photos with scanned images of me and garden.


Added animated GIF for earned value chart.


Site launched.

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