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On purpose or by accident, I'm glad you found me. I hope you will be too! Here you can learn about how I can help you with web site design and development, my professional interests in program and project management, my personal interest in gardening, or just a little about me. If you live nearby, you can even arrange to have the snow plowed from your driveway!

The navigation bar on the left will help you move; if you find a dead end or otherwise end up on a page that doesn't seem to give you a way out please let me know so I can fix it. The site has been designed and built to be compatible with as many browsers and platforms as possible.

These pages are the seventh major iteration of my website. I had no particular interest in having a site until January 1998 when I read an article on HTML. My credits page (currently being overhauled) will trace the evolution of that initial feeble page to my current effort. Incidentally, site development now takes place on a distributed basis, using laptop computers, sometimes on airplanes, and several different desktop machines. "Best practices" configuration management prevents loss of work and increases development efficiency. That translates to less time and therefore lower development costs.

Having my own domain name continues to entertain me, and led to providing web design, e-mail, and hosting services. My research in developing a cost-effective solution for myself benefits you!

Check out the meerkat open wire service on skolnick.org!

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